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Vinings, GA


Vinings, Georgia, is a charming and picturesque community located in Cobb County, just outside of Atlanta. Nestled alongside the Chattahoochee River, Vinings offers a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and easy access to the bustling city. With its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a vibrant sense of community, Vinings is a sought-after place to live for families, professionals, and dog lovers alike.


One of the many amenities that residents of Vinings appreciate is Maddie's Mobile Makeovers, a mobile grooming service for dogs that caters to the local area. Maddie's Mobile Makeovers is a pet salon on wheels, providing convenient and stress-free grooming services for dogs right at their doorstep. This unique service brings the expertise of a professional groomer to the doorstep of Vinings' pet owners, ensuring their furry friends receive top-notch care without the hassle of traveling to a traditional grooming salon.

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Ensuring the Well-being and Happiness of Vinings, GA’s Dogs

Maddie's Mobile Makeovers is not just about convenience; it's about ensuring the well-being and happiness of dogs in Vinings. The mobile grooming service is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to provide a wide range of grooming services, including baths, haircuts, nail trims, ear cleaning, and more. The groomers are trained and experienced in handling dogs of all sizes and breeds, making the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for the dogs.


Vinings' residents value their pets as part of the family, and Maddie's Mobile Makeovers shares this sentiment. The service takes great care to create a stress-free and safe environment for dogs during their grooming sessions. This mobile salon is designed to be a calming and familiar space for dogs, providing a personalized and gentle experience.

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Dogs Easy-to-Schedule Appointments

Maddie's Mobile Makeovers also offers the flexibility of scheduling appointments at a time that suits the busy lives of Vinings' residents. Whether you need a quick touch-up or a complete makeover for your furry friend, the mobile grooming service can accommodate your needs, leaving your dog looking and feeling their best.


The presence of Maddie's Mobile Makeovers in Vinings enhances the community's reputation as a pet-friendly neighborhood. This service not only caters to the needs of the residents but also reinforces the strong bond that people in Vinings have with their canine companions. It's a testament to the commitment to quality of life and the well-being of their pets that makes Vinings, Georgia, a truly special place for both residents and their furry friends.

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