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Woodstock, GA


Woodstock, Georgia, is a charming city located in Cherokee County, approximately 30 miles north of Atlanta. Known for its historic downtown area, Woodstock blends small-town charm with modern amenities. The city boasts a vibrant community, diverse dining options, and numerous events throughout the year. 


Woodstock is also surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes, including parks and trails, making it an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With a rich history and a strong sense of community, Woodstock offers a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

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Maddie’s Mobile Makeovers in Woodstock, GA

Residents in Woodstock, GA, and the surrounding areas can take advantage of the unique and convenient services provided by Maddie’s Mobile Makeovers. This local mobile pet grooming service brings professional grooming right to your doorstep, focusing exclusively on dogs. From nail trimming to paw pad cleaning, a soothing bath, and a stylish haircut, we offer a comprehensive range of grooming services.

For pet owners in Woodstock, this mobile grooming service is a game-changer, eliminating the need to travel to a distant salon, which can be especially cumbersome in a more rural setting. We prioritize a stress-free grooming experience for both pets and their owners. Dogs receive individualized attention from skilled groomers, all within the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own homes, reducing the anxiety often associated with traditional grooming.


The convenience of mobile grooming is particularly valuable in Woodstock, where the pace of life is relaxed, and a strong sense of community prevails. This service not only ensures that your four-legged companions are pampered and well-groomed but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among neighbors who share a love for their pets and appreciate the convenience this service brings to their doorstep.

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